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Photograph by KDPatterson


A Simple Way to Help Others
Save an old Milk Jug...
Collect can tabs that come off the soda cans.
Fill up the jug, then drop it off at your nearest Ronald McDonald House
Its that Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not a myth, we have been doing it for years! 

Together Everyone Accomplishes MoreŽ

Promoting awareness of worthy causes, locally, nationally and globally.
You do not have to donate money directly, just shop at the link below. 
A Percentage of your proceeds will go directly to this foundation.
Tell your family, your friends, your co-workers, post this site on your facebook account, linked in account or tweet it!
  • Click on the link below (giveback.org)
  • Click on "Find your Charity"
T.E.A.M  Together Everyone Accomplishes More(R)  based in Orlando, Florida 32812. 
  • Click on the correct link...
  • Click on Donate  or  Shop for this charity.   
You can do all of your shopping here! Its that easy and its FREE!



Some of the Agencies we have assisted:

The Senior Sunshine Center
Homeless Shelters
Humane Society and ASPCA
Ronald McDonald House
Gawad Kalinga
as well as,
Countless individuals who are in dire need

Some of our Contributors (most would like to remain anonymous).
RC Bigelow Teas, Raymond and Ruth Perelman Jewish Day School, W.J Smith, P. Osborne, H. Laffey, KD Patterson, Andrea, Digz Design, R.M Tanner, RW Knudsen, Fuggitt Elementary School-Student Council, J. Shermer, The Ansag Family



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